Hoarding Fence

Metal and Machine will design, maintain and supply hoardings, screens, and protection systems to meet your standards and exacting requirements. Metal n Machine constructs hoardings and screens to meet temporary works specifications. Hoarding fence UAE refers to a fencing system that is most commonly used as a security measure around a construction site. Besides protecting your construction site from stray animals and thieves, this fencing system can be put to another good use, advertisement.

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    They are either made of cloth or attached to the building and the parts of the fence or they are directly painted on the fence. Hoarding fence UAE panels are a private and secure way of securing your site perimeter. This form of temporary fencing is easy to install and increases your site security significantly when compared to the standard see-through the temporary mesh fencing panels.

    Stainless Steel Pipe and Fitting

    Before considering the metal type for your project of pipe fitting first make sure that the reason for using and fluid load, temperature, and other factors affect the age of pipes. After Inspecting it is easy to determine the type of metal is used and Portable steel hoarding panels are connected using the fence clips. We advise using two couplers per connection, on at the top of the panel and one at the bottom, to make sure that the system is well connected. The panels are made up of tubes. The tube extends beyond the bottom of the panel allowing them to be slotted directly into fence feet. These feet will support the panel, making sure that it stays in place and does not slip or easily fall over.

    The Sandwich Panel in UAE is manufactured using pre-galvanized steel and comes in this form as standard. The fencing panels can then be powder coated or painted in various colors and we can match up the hoarding panel color to match your corporate colors if required. Where aesthetics are significant we strongly recommend a fine particles coating finish as it a far superior option.

    Hoarding Panels using a Corrugated Sheet

    Hoarding Fence panels are manufactured using a corrugated sheet in UAE. The profile of these steel sheets adds potency to the hoarding panel. The frame of the panel is made up using perpendicular tubes that run down the side of the panel. These are longer than corrugates sheets allowing for the tubes to fit in rubber block fence feet to support the panel. Vertically across the top and bottom of the hoarding panels runs a specially designed channel, which is bird mouthed to snuggly fit flush around the tube and firmly hold the corrugated steel sheets in place. There are further frills for civilizing your portable hoarding system.

    You can allow pedestrians to gain access through the portable hoarding system by inserting a portable hoarding gate or a more robust heavy-duty vehicle system. A steel hoarding system can be re-enforced using a stabilizer and block tray system and in-ground hoarding stabilizers. This makes the fencing system more secure in adverse weather conditions. We suggest using a stabilizer every other hoarding panel connection.

    Steel Site Hoarding Installation

    Although, Hoarding fence UAE is safe and does not provide an installation service for steel site hoarding, we may be able to point you in the right direction of a few trusted installation teams. If you need installation of your construction hoardings or just some advice on how to install portable hoarding, Pipe and Tube in Dubai or other forms of temporary fencing, and then just reach out to a member of our team – we’d be happy to help!